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Interactive exhibition

  • The Interactive Exhibition gives visitors a virtual tour of the everyday life at the Benedictine monastery.

    The tour takes visitors inside the monastery, where they can learn about the monks' everyday life, and then the activities that the monks carry out outside, promoting culture and receiving visitors to the sanctuary.


    The Interactive Exhibition is divided into different sections:

    Mountain and Presence tell visitors about the physical context of Montserrat, as well as its history – from the origins of the monastery and the sanctuary, until today.

    • The Monastery, with the cloister, the high choir, the chapter house, the refectory, the cells and the old workshops.

    • The Culture section shows images of the Llibre Vermell (Red Book), a fourteenth-fifteenth century manuscript from the monastery scriptorium, the library, the printer’s and the Escolania (boys’ choir). The monastery uses the printer’s and the boys’ choir to spread culture to the world outside its walls.

    • The Sanctuary, with the guesthouse (where the monks receive pilgrims and visitors), the basilica (where the faithful gather with the monastery community for prayer) and Montserrat’s benefactors over the centuries.

    The 15-minute audiovisual presentation, stresses the symbolic dimension of Montserrat as a centre of spirituality, culture, identity and nature. It aims to recreate a normal day in Montserrat: it starts with the music of Lauds (first prayer of the day) at dawn, and the day gets busier as more visitors come to the sanctuary. It finishes with the music of Vespers (the last prayer of the day), when Montserrat becomes quiet and peaceful again.

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