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  • Do you want to come with the school?

    Getting to Montserrat with the rack railway itself offers the possibility to travel with a singular means of transport, almost one in Spain.


    Montserrat makes available to schools the possibility of educational activities and entertainment suitable for all training courses. This becomes a tool for understanding and promoting public transport from school to work and the importance of using public transport and the rules of civility and safety.


    In addition, FGC provides to schools the "Tren de l'Ensenyament", which brings youngsters to the world of the railroad, in all its aspects through educational activities, according to the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Through the Tren de l'Ensenyament is intended to sensitize and train the young in knowledge, operation and management of sustainable transport, mobility and respect for the environment in which we live and publicize developments and history of the train.


    Students have an activity that, from the standpoint of technology, will present the different types of transport: Rack Railway and funiculars. 


    The activity, generally directed to students of primary education, offers two options:

    • Activity, material and travel with the Rack Railway € 7,00 / for each person
    • Activity, material and travel with the Rack Railway and the Sant Joan Funicular € 12,70 / for each person
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